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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Notes-Nikolai Levashov

Extraordinary Russian healer, born 1961.
Notes are from his books or articles, posted on his website.

Levashov Biography
p. 3: "...I only understood this parasitic system [i.e. Communist ideology] when I began my own study of nature, found my own methods of evolving, and carried out a qualitative transformation of my brain and thus was able to get rid of the influence of parasitic generators on my consciousness..."
p. 5: enslavement in the US: "The most staggering fact is that one and the same individuals have made people slaves in both worlds..."
p. 22: astral parasites influence the brain's pleasure centers directly, stimulating it with a portion of stolen vital force! We should never forget that we spend some of our vital force on every emotion...even if the emotion is positive...
...The world of living creatures is much richer than people commonly imagine...none considers life as a many-sided and many-leveled phenomenon, physical plane is just a foundation or basis at only initial levels of development...the more 'additional' bodies, the more highly developed [the being]...
p.23: types of living matter: (1) organism regularly incarnated in physical body; (2) extinct organisms which cannot be incarnated because there are no living representatives of their genetics; (3) reasoning kind(s) of living creatures. The second group has three options: to become a parasite, to create symbiosis with some living species, or to be eaten by spirits of more aggressive creatures.
p.23: meditation and astral parasites - to promote feelings of "bliss" - these are advanced parasites which make a person open voluntarily - results of meditation are the same regardless of type - i.e. loss of vital force.
p. 35: "primary matters, or as modern scientists call them, dark matter"
p. 42: thoughts are primary - languages are "verbal codes"
p. 42: spatial positioning of atoms in respect to each other plays as important a role as chemical composition
p. 46: his transformation; restraining power
p. 48: knights/ horses; genetic memory
p. 50: abnormality of homosexuality
p. 55: "there is nothing worse than being captured by parasites"-- Light & Dark Hierarchs.
p. 56: "...most Light Hierarchs developed in relatively peaceful conditions; almost all had travelled their evolutional path in highly developed civilizations without permanent contact with parasitic systems; exactly this became their Achilles heel..."
"Light Hierarchs did not have space or planetary parasites in the initial stages of their evolution..."
p. 57-60: "...our planet, Midgard-Earth, was totally seized and controlled by social parasites from Big Space...the names of these creatures are a very complicated interlacing of structures and matters in some kind of volumetric sign which reflects its owner's level of development." A Hierarch's name changes every time he passes to the next level of development. .. "Social parasites, independent of whether they are space or earthly, know perfectly well what they do and how they do it, and it is necessary to fight them without any regret, but not by their methods...All negative emotions are 'doors' for the attack of space parasites and a direct way into transformation into one of them."
p. 61: beginning of a new Brotherhood, the purpose of which was the liberation of the Universe from the occupation of space parasites. Our work in Big Space--- the further we went, the closer we came to Midgard-Earth.
cf. also p. 166: Our Earth appears to be in the very center of events on which the fate of the Big Universe depends.
p. 83: "I have every reason not to believe in God." (!) Does not elaborate.
p. 89: Christianity and Christ. Jesus knew the Torah perfectly and unmasked Judaism and its servants as servants of Dark Forces- Jesus taught for the sake of the "lost sheep of the house of Israel."
His history of Christianity is peculiar, to say the least. Says Jesus was crucified in Constantinople on Feb. 16, 1086 (!) where there was an eclipse/earthquake- says his real name was Radomir, "joy of the world" - Constantinople was seized on July 15, 1099, and the Jerusalem kingdom was created (result of First Crusade). What about St. Paul?
p. 116: " parasites did their best to sink the glorious history of the white race into oblivion." He is mainly referring to the early history of Russia/Slavonic Vedas. The modern history of the white race is hardly 'glorious'! cf. V.A. Rybnikov, "The Vedic orthodoxy as a system of the world view and a basis of Slavonic spirituality." p. 165: this system: having at one's disposal all levels of consciousness simultaneously.
p. 121: Self-realization only happens through conscious actions when a person totally understands the responsibility for his every action. Very good. He often repeats this theme.
p. 124-5: Theologian Johan Ital - reincarnation? - says it is "mortally dangerous" for "so-called Christianity."
p. 155: democracy (pseudo-democracy) is ideal for avoiding personal responsibility, as a decision taken collectively implies absence of personal accountability.
p. 163: astral body = "third material body of the spirit"
p. 164: "I created my own system"-- [in 1987]--in finding a fundamentally new method of functioning of human consciousness.
p. 170: high quality scanning-- "complete control over emotions...despite emotional reaction being absolutely morally defensible."

Biography (Part 2?)
p. 54: thought forms are volumetric holograms
p. 62: evolutional development based on the principle of free will. The evolutional potential of mankind is an important strategic raw material. p. 85: creators of parasitic system on earth are not even from here. "Most likely, it was these 'brothers' who imposed upon us terrestrials the idea that we were alone in the boundless universe to facilitate their parasitizing of our civilization."
p. 95: six qualitative barriers of earth. Not all dwellers at upper levels work for the Light.
p. 109: "What a person perceives as real [is] only that level of reality with which he [is] in qualitative resonance..."
Difference between biological and social parasites: the former destroy the weaker members of the species, thus ultimately improve it. Social parasites destroy the best, the highly educated, the cream of the crop.
As man progresses spiritually, his bodies become, in a sense, "simplified." The structures of the brain he created were "sense-organs" for other levels of reality.
p. 191: Everything appropriate is accidental and everything accidental is appropriate.
p. 192: In his method, "no need for the spirit to go out of the body." This is important.
p. 122: In the Light Hierarchy, there is no place for futile offensives and foolish ambitions.
p. 236: "There is no life in a lie, while truth is alive because the real events and processes, which it reflects, are behind it." Wonderful. Think on this! He adds-- "To learn to see this is one of the most complicated problems, because the parasites are skillful experts in creating the so-called camouflage, in other words, the illusion of reality."
p. 239: the understanding of what is going on makes [one] responsible for it.
p. 257: "to get the ability to feel truth"


The Final Appeal to Mankind. San Francisco, 1997.

p. 52: A brain without a fully developed etheric body cannot develop any further.
Says that Homo sapiens came from outside earth and that extraterrestrial agents evicted the Neanderthals, thus allowing mankind to take over that niche.
p. 65: "Evil, despite its illusion of power, is unable to evolve. The imaginary power of evil lies in its pervasiveness; the majority of people cannot perceive what is happening on other levels of reality." Compare with note 14: "The highest power in the universe reveals itself in its harmonious and benign influence on natural processes and human affairs."
Long passages on embryogenesis.
p. 74: "A spirit which, developmentally, does not possess at least one mental body is easy prey for creatures living on the etheric and lower astral levels."
p. 77: "The consecutive restoration of the etheric, astral and mental bodies to their level of development prior to the spirit's entry into the biomass, and their further development, depend upon the consecutive acquisition of etheric, astral and mental strucures by the neurons of the brain..."
Currents of Will (etheric) -- Heart (astral)-- and Intelligence (mental) = the "Golden Triangle"--their balance is crucial for full development - also to protect against external intrusion and manipulation.
On average we only use 3-5% of the brain; the rest is the "spirit's evolutionary reserve." In order to control someone, - make him a "biorobot"-- it is necessary to disturb the currents, enabling an external entity to influence the unused portions of neurons thereby manipulating the subconscious (78). "It is impossible to implement this robotization on the level of the spirit..."
During development, the physical body sustains the spiritual bodies by transforming available primary matters (through tissue disintegration?)...[which] releases these matters, which are then utilized to create and evolve the etheric, astral and mental bodies of the spirit. The physical body has antennae for absorbing primary matters directly. Humans possess seven of these antennae, or chakras. This corresponds to the number of bodies one must create in order to complete the Earth cycle of evolution and begin the cosmic cycle..."
p. 83: The circulation of primary matters between the physical and the spiritual bodies is what we know as life.
The sense-organs were created as a mechanism of adaptation to the ecological niche, not as a tool of cognition....
Part 2, Chapter 7.
p. 18: qualitative barrier between physical and etheric represents in essence the difference between organic and inorganic
p. 24: Egyptian priests knew the laws that govern how form influences space.
p. 26: use of psi-weapons to control people. Modern totalitarianism. And: In the construction of psi-field fight against evil one must preserve one's emotional purity.
p. 28: Mental stage of evolution requires a transcendent morality, ethics, knowledge and philosophy.
p. 69: Physical brain is just the substrate that makes thinking possible. Neurons of the physical brain do not do any thinking; they merely break up the substance of their level into its constituent primary matters. This, in turn, provides the potential and fuel for the neurons on other levels...


Russian History Viewed Through Distorted Mirrors. Vol. I.

Alien origin of modern man. No explanation for absence of fossil remains of transitional forms.p. 20: parasitism: difference between natural and social parasites. p. 29: Slavonic-Aryan Vedas and the Old Testament reflect one and the same events from the viewpoints of adversarial forces... Says the O.T. reflects events thru prism of "beaten, black magicians" who expounded their version of events allegorically.
p. 31 vera [faith] - Russian, means enlightenment by knowledge.
p. 38: "The fight between Light and Dark Forces is not some conditional concept that depends on the point of view of the person who expounds it... This is the fight between life and death, evolutional movement forward and evolutional dead end..."
The Multi-Gate Transport System - "not electrical, magnetic, or gravitational..." The real forces of Nature have to do with the result of the interaction of anisotropic space with matters existing in this space.
The conflict between the ancient Slavonic-Aryan Empire and Antlan (Atlantis) over 13,000 years ago - the axis of earth changed to 23.5 degrees--says it was a nuclear catastrophe - and Earth was put in quarantine which will last until it either rids itself of the Dark "virus" or is destroyed-- there is no other option (48).
p. 56: spiritual maturity is understanding personal responsibility for actions. He keeps returning to this often - such a simple concept. Somehow, I know that he is good - because he keeps saying this - although many of the things he says sound "weird." This concept, the touchstone, persists.
Four Stages of Extrauterine Development: 1. animal. 2. reasoning animal. 3. man. 4. highly developed man. Newly born child needs to absorb a minimal but critical volume of information during developmental period of 2nd material bodies of neurons (etheric). The process of brain's neuronal chain-forming is mainly completed by age 8-9. The "evolutional door" for stage of reasoning animal is closed by ages 16-18. Potential is limited - spending it on sexual activity does not leave enough for right development.
The "calling card" of parasites is the destruction of the educational system and propaganda of sexual license. This halts the development of young people at the stage of reasoning animal and facilitates control of them. The first two human stages are passive; the last two, active. One who acts can become a creator when he uses knowledge correctly.
p. 79: development of individual impossible without moral principles. Genetic potential gives neither spirituality nor forms moral principles - these have to be earned from one embodiment to another. The qualities that enable overcoming the Dark Forces' strategy are will power and high moral qualities and principles, handed down over the generations.

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